Terberg and the TFT European Conference

Terberg and the TFT European Conference

IN | 18th December 2015

The extensive and groundbreaking range of fire fighting equipment created by Task Force Tips (TFT) was recently showcased to 40 delegates at the Argo TFT European Conference. Events like this are a fantastic way to raise the profile of the excellent collection of options, all of which are designed to improve and optimise fire and rescue operations.

The conference was hosted at Manchester Airport, which boasts a state-of-the-art, fully-refurbished fire training facility designed to offer everything required for professional, effective fire training. Terberg DTS have previously supplied Oshkosh fire engines, ARFFs and ancillary products to Manchester Airport so it was good to return to the busy international hub once more.

TFT was established to solve a problem that had puzzled firefighters since the fire pump was invented – how to obtain exactly the right nozzle pressure. Using a beautifully-simple yet extremely-reliable design, TFT nozzles were created, which adjust constantly to the ever-changing pressures within the hoseline. From the basement of the family home to their current location at a large, modern business premises (aptly located on Innovation Way), the company have grown and evolved to achieve an extremely good reputation for quality, innovation and excellence.

The conference was a fantastic networking opportunity, as well as giving the delegates chance to see live demonstrations of some of the newest TFT products – many of these have not even been launched yet and are not scheduled to be until next year. One of these products is the Impulse Trigger Branch, which improves efficiency and accuracy when directing powerful water jets at fires. Also on display was the Hemisphere Monitor System, which is designed to dramatically enhance the unique look box capability of firefighters.

Terberg DTS offer a wide selection of these superior nozzles to our discerning customers, each available at a competitive market price and guaranteed to change the way you think about firefighting. Our expert team are fully conversant with all features of each model in the collection and can provide clear, competent guidance and support when selecting which is the ideal model for your individual requirements.

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