The Safe, Simple Way to Stretch a Fire & Rescue Budget

The Safe, Simple Way to Stretch a Fire & Rescue Budget

IN | 11th January 2016

How are your juggling skills? Can you keep all the plates spinning at once? Making a tight budget stretch to accommodate requirements without compromising safety in the process is a seriously tough exercise in multitasking – one that could easily make a seasoned firefighter break out in a sweat! Most of us struggle to make our monthly household budget balance properly and so those who manage the chore in addition to working with limited funds at work are to be saluted. So, how do they do it?

There are many ways for a creative decision-maker to get the very most from their resources – one of these is purchasing a quality used fire vehicle from a reputable, professional organisation such as ours here at Terberg Fire and Rescue Division. For the most competitive price, your organisation is guaranteed to receive a used fire vehicle of impeccable quality, checked down to the last detail and fully serviced, ready to drive, by our skilled technical staff.

Our fleet of fire and rescue vehicles changes regularly as some are sold and others arrive to take their place. Two of the used fire engines and ARFFs currently available to purchase are:

Reynolds Broughton Barracuda Snozzle

Designed for heavy-duty operations, this fire engine is big, tough and powerful. Immediately noticeable in its distinctive blue and yellow livery, the Barracuda Snozzle is a truly exceptional vehicle.

  • Water tank capacity of 10,000 litres

  • Foam tank capacity of 1,200 litres

  • Robust GVB5410 pump with output potential of 3,500lpm – reaches up to 25ft laterally and up to 53ft vertically

  • CAT 18100cc engine for reliable speed and highly-responsive acceleration

Carmichael Cobra 6 x 6

Born in 1998, this hardy vehicle is now in its prime and, after a full service by our expert team, runs better than ever before. Set the standard in used fire vehicles with Carmichael Cobra.

  • Water tank capacity of 10,000 litres

  • Foam tank capacity of 1,280 litres

  • 5,000lpm monitor output capability enhanced with an extra 540lpm from the bumper turret

  • 5-speed auto transmission for a smooth ride over rough ground

  • Seats up to 4 fire and rescue crew members safely and comfortably

Make your budget juggling a whole lot easier – let our expert staff guide you to the perfect used fire engine to suit both your requirements and your finances. Call us for a competitive quote.