Our Bestselling Firefighting Equipment

Our Bestselling Firefighting Equipment

IN | 18th April 2017

Terberg is renowned for the ability to provide the very best firefighting equipment at the most competitive price. Our collection of products is second to none and we extend the range all the time: here are some of our bestselling products, each of which has been shown to be extremely efficient in the field as well as under a barrage of extreme testing.

Hemisphere Fixable Monitor

Loaded with features, the Hemisphere delivers an array of benefits to the modern firefighter, including:

Ease and versatility of installation – any type of support can be used with a range of Hemisphere accessories such as beam, dump and ball

Ability to hit target accurately from any direction, even above

Wide, lockable gripping handle and simple valve open/close

Integral stream-straightener and orientable double crank

Exceptionally-rapid connection/disconnection

Built-in safety system to prevent disconnection or rotation of pressurised monitor

Strong, sturdy construction – formed from solid anodised aluminium

Weighs less than 11kg

The perfect compromise between portable and fixed monitor

Flir Thermal Imaging Cameras – The K Series

Since the technology was created back in 1929, thermal imaging has come a long way and Flir have remained at the cutting edge. Designed, developed and engineered to work to optimal function even in the most demanding firefighting situations, the devices assist firefighters in locating hotspots, navigating smoke-filled areas and monitoring the results of current fire-attack strategy.

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