The Right Type of Vehicle

The Right Type of Vehicle

IN | 3rd April 2017

Looking for a specific fire fighting vehicle? Our comprehensive fleet of fire engines for sale is divided into convenient sections by vehicle type to allow you to quickly locate the ideal model to suit your individual requirements. There are four vehicle types to choose from and each offers immediate access to the current selection of fire engines for sale. Some of the vehicles included under each type heading include:

Industrial Pumpers

Our fleet proudly includes Pierce Industrial Fire Vehicles, each of which is designed to individually suit a wide range of industrial firefighting and salvage operations. Every component has been painstakingly engineered and manufactured to the highest quality standard and the vehicles come equipped with a host of unique and innovative technologies such as the Control Zone™ pump panel and the the Husky® fire fighting foam system.

ARFF Vehicles

Built to deliver optimum performance for fire and rescue operations at airports and other aviation facilities, our fleet of ARFF vehicles is supplied exclusively by world-renowned manufacturer Oshkosh. Featuring the company’s signature robust, feature-packed modern vehicles, including the Striker, Storm and Snozzle, this collection is the ultimate in ARFF vehicle technology.

B-Types and Rescue

Agility and flexibility are key with these fire engines, which are based on either a 4 x 4 or 4 x 2 commercial chassis from such respected manufacturers as Scania, Iveco, Mercedes and Volvo. Built to customer specifications, the fire engines can be supplied to include both fire fighting foam and water tanks complete with a high-performance, high-pressure delivery pump system.

Rapid Intervention Vehicles – RIVs

RIVs, or Rapid Intervention Vehicles, are there for when time is of the essence and are often used as the first line of attack and defence for aircraft fires and other incidents. capable of exceptional acceleration speeds that can be consistently maintained when required, what these fire and rescue vehicles lace in foam and water capacity they more than make up for in terms of rapidity for first-response operations.

All of our firefighting vehicles are guaranteed to be of professional quality and we contonue to improve our range of services. Enjoy browsing our range of vehicles and do not hesitate to give us a call for further details.