Which is the Most Christmassy Symbol?

Which is the Most Christmassy Symbol?

IN | 4th December 2017

Everyone is starting to feel the Christmas buzz and we’re itching to put the decorations up. One symbol that features in everything Christmassy, from the wrapping paper to the candle holder, from the lights on the tree to the pastry on your (seventh!) mince pie, is the Star. So we thought we’d take the opportunity to tell you about the Terberg Star…

It’s the Telstar 6!

And here’s why it’s so good…

Type:  based on a Mercedes Sprinter chassis, Telstar benefits from the many years of experience gained by this world-famous manufacturer of high-quality performance vehicles

Transmission:  4×2 single rear-wheel drive with a choice of manual or auto allows for the ideal driving experience every time, whatever the terrain

Suspension:  uprated independent suspension means the smoothest of operation

Pump: engineered by Hale, a high-pressure medium-volume pump delivers consistent, reliable power

Suppressants: Telstar features a foam system which is in line with TFT induction and has a water tank capacity of up to 500 litres

Delivery: with one twin outlet and two water hand-lines, Telstar features a 60m hose reel with electronic rewind function

Light & Sound:  a comprehensive standard package includes head, side, tail, fog, indicator and reverse lights, along with directional capability and brake reflectors. LED lighting is used for internal locker strips and blue repeaters at the front, rear and on the roof and all lights can be controlled instantly from the driver’s cab. A PA/Siren with 100 watts of power ensures that Telstar will always be heard

Medical Capability:  a fully specified ambulance compartment, which complies rigidly with CEN 1789 type B regulations, is an integral part of Telstar. Complete with fully piped oxygen, airflow management, self-loading stretcher and powered step, this compartment represents a major leap forward in fire and rescue vehicle technology

We are extremely proud of the Telstar’s addition to our select range of fire engines for sale. Call us now to find out more details and start the journey to transforming your fire and rescue operations.