The FLIR K2: Thermal Imaging for All

The FLIR K2: Thermal Imaging for All

IN | 5th June 2017

Thermal imaging is widely recognised as an extremely useful tool in fire and rescue operations and the technology has been constantly improved and refined. Access to the latest equipment has in the past been expensive often prohibitively so for the many organisations having to work within the borders of highly-restricted budgets. To address this issue, FLIR created the K-Series of thermal imaging cameras.

FLIR is recognised as a leader in the imaging sector and has made impressive headway in the battle against price; the creation of the K-Series is one of the most advanced yet also one of the most cost-effective, allowing more fire and rescue organisations than ever before to add thermal imaging technology to their armoury of firefighting weapons.

Terberg are proud suppliers of thermal imaging solutions from market-leading FLIR, including the popular and influential K2. This device has been extremely successful right from the start and provides continuing quality to fire and rescue services with its versatile, reliable and dependable operation. It boasts a comprehensive array of features and confers a host of benefits to the operator, a short summary of which includes:

  • An extremely compact design with low weight; the combination ensures that the K2 can be easily moved handled and operated.
  • An interface designed to be intuitive, accurate and clear, allowing firefighters to operate the device easily even under pressure.
  • Manufacture that enables the K2 to stand up to the rigours demanded of it in fire and rescue operations. Extreme testing included dropping the device from up to two metres onto solid concrete and heating it up to 260°C, after both of which ordeals the camera continued to operate optimally.
  • Five carefully-created imaging modes to suit all sorts of fire and rescue scenarios. Seamless switching between modes is enabled with patented FLIR software: FLIR have also designed and patented the Multi-Spectral Dynamic Imaging used to power the clear informative images.

Find out more specifications of the FLIR K2 Thermal Imaging Camera. If you need advice from the experts, then don’t hesitate to contact our experienced team at Terberg DTS.