Quality Used Fire Vehicles from Terberg DTS

Quality Used Fire Vehicles from Terberg DTS

IN | 20th July 2015

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The current selection of used fire trucks, ARFFs and other vehicles available to purchase directly from Terberg DTS includes:

Carmichael Cobra 6X6  (REF NO. 0002)

This sturdy vehicle was built in 1998 and has been fully-serviced by our experts to ensure there is still lots of active service life left in it. A truly-impressive vehicle with a 10,000l water and 1,280l foam capacity, the Carmichael Cobra is capable of 5,000lpm monitor output and an even greater pump output – a bumper turret delivers an extra 540lpm output. With a 5-speed automatic gearbox and comfortable room for 4 crew members, this is a firefighting vehicle of an imposing standard.

Protector Mk 2 (Ref No. 0005)

An ARFF designed to cope with the most demanding emergencies, the Protector Mk 2 is built on a 6 x 6 chassis and installed with a powerful, efficient Detroit engine and reliable Allison gearbox. Foam and water tanks (10,000l and 1,200l capacities respectively) provide excellent storage and the 1992 vehicle is equipped with an Albach/Gloster Saro monitor and GVA6510 pump – this latter provides a main output of up to 4,500lpm.

FireBug RescueMax

Ideal for use in areas of limited access, this compact and highly-maneuverable all-terrain fire vehicle combines JCB WORKMAX technology with that of WaterMist, a revolutionary system for the suppression of fire. A rugged, powerful pump of agricultural grade and unique, triple-function foam/water dispenser ensure that the FireBug RescueMax is strong, safe and effective in any emergency.

Please enjoy browsing the other used fire vehicles currently available from Terberg DTS and do not hesitate to contact us for further information and pricing.