2023 Toyota Hilux CAT 2 4×4

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We have available for immediate sale or long term hire a Toyota Hilux CAT 2 airfield 4×4 fire appliance.

Scania P450 6×6

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The Scania P450 6×6 has been designed for effective firefighting in high-risk fire areas, like international airport. It is equipped with a 250 kg Dry chemical Powder unit, a 10 000 liter water tank and 1200 liter foam compound tank, and is designed to operate from open water sources, fire hydrants or its own tank supplies.

Scania Viper Series

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Terberg DTS UK are delighted to announce the arrival of the new Viper 4 ARFF truck as part of our Aviation Fire Fighting vehicle portfolio. Built on the Scania XT 450Hp Chassis, she is fitted with a 45000ltr Water and 540ltr Foam Tank.


A bespoke Terberg developed rapid response vehicle, built to the customers specification with pump and roll capabilities.

TACR4 bespoke rapid intervention vehicle, 6×6 chassis

The TACR4 is a bespoke Terberg developed rapid intervention vehicle, built on a 6×6 chassis designed to meet and exceed CAA CAP168 and ICAO recommendation.

Oshkosh Storm

The Oshkosh Storm is the optimised, economical solution for emergency runway response. Featuring exceptional manoeuvrability and toughness it meets the demands of on-road and off-road challenges, and delivers all of the advantages of cutting-edge fire fighting technology.

Oshkosh Striker – 6 x 6

Wrapped in a sleek and aero fibreglass body, the new Striker 6 x 6 offers a wide range of industry leading innovations.

Oshkosh Striker – 4 x 4

The new Striker 4×4 offers innovative fire suppression, unmatched chassis performance in a sleek aerodynamic design.

Toyota Hilux All Terrain Response Vehicle (ATRV)

An extremely capable all terrain 4 x 4 designed and built to CAT 2 Airfield standards.

Oshkosh Snozzle

The Oshkosh® exclusive Snozzle® arms you against the greatest, most extreme ARFF threats. Choose from a 50 ft. or 65 ft. extendable boom. Unleash your attack from every angle – in the air, on the ground, far below grade.