How to Combine Economy with Performance

How to Combine Economy with Performance

IN | 14th August 2017

The delicate balance between economy and performance can be a difficult one to achieve, particularly when it comes to choosing fire fighting vehicles. It is quite understandable that many people involved with fire and rescue work are extra-cautious about buying a used fire engine or ARFF; the potential effect of some vital system failing to function at the crucial moment is unthinkable.

When you purchase or hire a used fire vehicle from Terberg, you can rest assured that it has been put through an intense battery of tests to ensure it performs just as well as it did on the day it was manufactured. Any element that fails the strict tests is professionally repaired or replaced so that you can purchase or hire with complete peace-of-mind. One of the used vehicles in our superior fleet is the Toyota Hilux.

The Toyota Motor Corporation was established in 1937 after Toyota Industries, its parent company, began successfully producing a passenger car a year earlier. Massive success led to further development of the company, which has grown to become a household name and to employ more than 330,000 people around the world. In July 2012, Toyota announced the production of its 200-millionth vehicle and are renowned for their consistently high quality levels all over the world, from design through development to production and sales.

The Toyota Hilux Invincible is absolutely loaded with features, including:

  • BRV (Brigade Response Vehicle) classification
  • Powerful and reliable Hale HPX pump
  • Comfortably accommodates three crew members – the cabinet in the rear of the vehicle could be removed and refitted to make room for a fourth crew member if necessary
  • Hose reel of 60m in length means you can reach almost anywhere
  • Leather auto
  • Powerful pump system augmented with a 330l water capacity
  • Fitted with CCTV to enhance security and safety; footage is also ideal for future fire training purposes

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