Pierce Industrial Fire Vehicles

Pierce Industrial Fire Vehicles


Pierce Industrial Fire Vehicles, built for your bespoke application.
Because each industrial apparatus is unique, each body is built with the pump systems in mind – customized, optimized and maximized for performance when you need it most.


Custom engineered pump systems. And everything else.


Because each industrial apparatus is unique, each body is built with the pump systems in mind – customised, optimised and maximised for performance when you need it most. Whether you need to fight from the ground or flow water at 3,000 gpm from one of our aerial platforms, we’ve maximized the performance of every component that directs and delivers the water or foam.

That’s why we custom engineer and build pump houses and integrated pump panels to your exact specifications with virtually unlimited plumbing options to meet the needs of your department. And our Control Zone™ pump panel provides an unsurpassed level of user-friendly operation.

Engineered to be the finest.

Both safety and performance start with engineering. The industry’s finest product development team is always working on improvements so you can respond confidently. As a result, you can do your job safer and more effectively – whether that means flowing water for 36 hours straight from an industrial pumper or responding with

an apparatus stocked for confined space / high angle rescue and breathing air equipment.

Innovative Pierce® technologies like the Husky® foam system and a comprehensive list of performance and safety features offer every advantage for industrial fire response. Throughout the chassis, from bumper to bumper, you get the best fire suppression tools available – all from a single source and supported by the Terberg Support network 24/7/365.

The Pierce Husky Industrial Foam System – reliable and easy to use when things really get hot.

The Husky Industrial foam system is designed to deliver an industrial level of performance that’s unsurpassed. Its foam pump has capacities up to 330 gallons per minute and is capable of supporting a 5,000 gpm discharge rate while using a 6 percent foam concentrate.

This unique, patented, digitally controlled foam proportioning system responds rapidly and accurately to changes in water pressure and flow.

The Husky system utilizes a non-recirculating automatic pressure system to ensure foam concentrate does not recirculate back to the foam tank while automatically balancing the foam pressure to water pressure. The entire system requires less electrical energy which aids in preventing an overload of the chassis electrical system – crucialon any industrial fireground.

Husky Industrial Foam System and Proportioner

  • Balanced pressure system is designed for Class B foams / 1%, 3% or 6% foam concentrates.
  • Easy to use – engage the PTO and turn the system on and off at the pump panel regardless of engine speeds or pump pressures.
  • Ability to switch the foam system from digital automatic to manual override.
  • Electronic digital foam proportioning through a range of 75 psi to 250 psi.
  • On-demand design ensures no foam is bypassed back to the foam tank or recirculated through the foam pump.
  • Each discharge outlet features its own metering valve, allowing for easy clean-up. The operator needs only to flush the discharge lines used.
  • Metering valve can be recalibrated in the field if foam type changes.
  • Metering valve and ratio controller for every discharge for full transitions from cooling water to foam solution, and back.
  • Patented digital electronics accurately control foam pressure. “Soft start logic” programming prevents damaging foam pressure spikes at start-up.
  • Differential pressure gauge display tells you that the foam and water pressures are balancing, and eliminates water flow guessing and water pressure concerns – if the needle is in the green, the foam solution is accurate.
  • Draft foam concentrate from an outside source allows for extended foam operation.
  • Lower electrical loads help to create a lower-cost system that requires less power from the chassis.

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