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    TELSTAR is a European first from our design team in response to the rapidly changing emergency
    services market. As a revolutionary dual purpose vehicle, TELSTAR provides immediate
    response with both fire fighting and rescue capability for the civilian.
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  • TACR4

    The TACR4 is a bespoke Terberg developed rapid intervention vehicle, built on a 6x6 chassis designed to meet and exceed CAA CAP168 and ICAO recommendation.
  • TACR3

    A bespoke Terberg developed rapid response vehicle, built to the customers specification with pump and roll capabilities.
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  • Oshkosh Striker - 6 x 6

    Wrapped in a sleek and aero fibreglass body, the new Striker 6 x 6 offers a wide range of industry leading innovations.
  • Oshkosh Storm

    The Oshkosh Storm is the optimised, economical solution for emergency runway response. Featuring exceptional maneuverability and toughness it meets the demands of on-road and off-road challenges, and delivers all of the advantages of cutting-edge fire fi
  • Oshkosh Stinger Q4

    With its compact size and greater mane­uve­rabi­lity, the Stinger Q4™ Rapid Intervention Vehicle delivers outstanding performance for airports of all sizes.
  • Pierce Industrial Fire Vehicles

    Pierce Industrial Fire Vehicles, built for your bespoke application.
    Because each industrial apparatus is unique, each body is built with the pump systems in mind - customized, optimized and maximized for performance when you need it most. Whether you ne
  • Oshkosh Striker - 4 x 4

    The new Striker 4x4 offers innovative fire suppression, unmatched chassis performance in a sleek aerodynamic design.
  • Oshkosh Striker 8 X 8

    The Oshkosh® Striker® 8x8 is custom engineered
    to deliver the ultimate in rapid emergency response. Get unmatched ma­ne­uve­rabi­lity, outstanding visibility and superior fire suppression in a vehicle that offers extreme comfort, efficiency and safety. When
  • Oshkosh Snozzle

    The Oshkosh® exclusive Snozzle® arms you against the greatest, most extreme ARFF threats. Choose from a 50 ft. or 65 ft. extendable boom. Unleash your attack from every angle – in the air, on the ground, far below grade.
  • Toyota Hilux All Terrain Response Vehicle (ATRV)

    An extremely capable all terrain 4 x 4 designed and built to CAT 2 Airfield standards.
  • Scania 4X4 B Type Fire Rescue Vehicle

    Scania B Type Fire Rescue Vehicle P370 4X4
    Made to customer's specification

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