Pentheon Tools – Holmatro UK

Pentheon Tools – Holmatro UK


Working under pressure, in a race against time, first responders need rescue tools they can fully rely on. It is for these men and women that we have developed our Pentheon Series: hydraulic rescue tools that are miles ahead of all other rescue equipment on the market. Only the Holmatro Pentheon Series offers you the unrestrained performance, unparalleled speed, and ultimate control you’ve never experienced before.


Holmatro has been the number one rescue tool supplier for years due to our innovative tools. By combining hydraulics with ease of use, the Pentheon Series Tools deserve that first place even more than ever. The patented step-less speed maximization is one of the many features that stand out. Where other rescue tools show a decrease in speed, the Pentheon Series Tools are known to follow the ideal step-less speed curve.

Due to the above-mentioned properties, the Pentheon Series Tools are a necessity in a variety of rescue situations. Since you can easily adjust the speed of the Pentheon Tools during your work, the tools are perfectly suited for complex situations. Another advantage of the Pentheon Series Tools is that the motor stops automatically when the Pentheon Tools are not used. This saves valuable battery capacity. Therefore, the Pentheon Tools are also a valuable partner for rescue operations that take longer than might be estimated in advance.

In addition to the previously mentioned features such as unparalleled speed and battery life, the Pentheon Tools also distinguish themselves in the field of temperature management. The Pentheon Tools can be used in all temperatures and weather conditions. And when it comes to charging the Pentheon Tools. This is also very intuitive and really just a matter of plugging in. Another feature of Pentheon Tools that will often come in handy is that you can also use them underwater. Because of this feature, the Pentheon Tools can be used in the most diverse situations.

Various products fall under the new line of Pentheon Tools. Take a look at the Combi Tool PCT50, Cutter PCU50, Spreader PSP40, or the Telescopic Ram PTR50.