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Pentheon Tools – Holmatro UK

Working under pressure, in a race against time, first responders need rescue tools they can fully rely on. It is for these men and women that we have developed our Pentheon Series: hydraulic rescue tools that are miles ahead of all other rescue equipment on the market. Only the Holmatro Pentheon Series offers you the unrestrained performance, unparalleled speed, and ultimate control you’ve never experienced before.

Cutters & Spreading – Holmatro UK

With the increasing number of cars on the road, high-quality rescue tools are more important than ever. This is one of the main reasons we keep innovating the rescue tools continuously. The result? Holmatro cutting and spreading rescue tools have made rescue procedures quicker, easier and safer.

Lifting & Wedging – Holmatro UK

Lifting and wedging is indispensable within rescue operations. Therefore Holmatro offers lifting bags with 12 or 0.5 bar, jacks, and wedges. Experience maximum safety and control with Holmatro lifting & wedging tools.

Shoring & Stabilization – Holmatro UK

Within Holmatros shoring and stabilization range, we offer PowerShore equipment and sets as well as Vehicle Stabilization Struts (V-Struts). Shoring and stabilization systems for every rescue scenario.

Holmatro UK

Terberg DTS has been appointed as the UK Distributor for Holmatro UK rescue equipment.

For over half a century, Holmatro has been developing the most innovative and powerful hydraulic equipment for rescuers worldwide.

Holmatro hydraulic equipment and system solutions are predominantly used in rescue, special tactics and industrial applications around the world. These types of applications demand reliable and safe tools under all circumstances. To make sure that users can fulfil their specialized tasks, we strive to be the best-in-class industry market leader by using game changing technology.

Terberg DTS Ltd is a UK subsidiary of the Royal Terberg Group based in the Netherlands with an annual turnover in the region of €1B. Since Terberg DTS entered into the UK Fire and Rescue sector it has quickly grown to be a highly respected supplier of market leading equipment, services and aftermarket support. Our ethos for quality and service mirrors that of Holmatro.