The Power of Husky

The Power of Husky

IN | 15th May 2017

No, we don’t mean sled dogs! Husky is an industrial firefighting foam system from Pierce and, as any firefighter knows. when you need firefighting of an industrial standard, Pierce is the name that is guaranteed to deliver is. Established over a century ago and still a successful, thriving, family-owned company, Pierce are hard to beat when it comes to responding to emergencies with complete confidence. Terberg DTS are proud to supply and support a selection of vehicles created by the world-renowned company.

Brothers Dudley and Humphrey Pierce established Auto Body Works in the US in 1913, a business that would thrive over the coming 100 years to become what it is today – an engineer and manufacturer of fire vehicles and fire fighting equipment that is widely recognised for its impeccable attention to detail and product innovation. Pierce employ industry-leading Design and Development staff who continually work towards optimisation and improve customisation options while designing the fire engines of the future.

Pierce have built fire trucks since 1939 and innovations such as Snorkel, the first custom split-tilt cab and the Husky Industrial Fire Fighting Foam System, have followed. The company now produce fire engines of the very highest standard with custom-designed and -built bodies perfectly suited to accommodate the professional fire fighting systems they also engineer and manufacture.

The Husky Industrial Foam System developed by Pierce offers total, unsurpassed reliability. Unique technology patented by the company is used to digitally control the system with speed and accuracy, automatically balancing foam and water pressures via an innovative non-recirculating auto-pressure device.  The Husky system features:

  • Massive fire fighting foam pump capacity of up to 330 gallons per minute (gpm)
  • Support capability for 5,000gpm foam discharge rate (with 6% foam concentrate)-
  • Simple operation – just engage the PTO before operating the system from the pump panel
  • Digital foam proportioning through a comprehensive range of 75-250psi
  • Separate metering valves (which can be recalibrated) for each discharge outlet to facilitate quick clean-up
  • Radio controller to enable complete transition from foam solution to cooling water and vice versa
  • Prevention of dangerous foam pressure spikes during startup using “soft start logic”