The All-Seeing Eye

The All-Seeing Eye

IN | 16th January 2018

Thermal imaging technology can be prohibitively expensive but FLIR, a market-leader in the field, are making headway in improving cost-effectiveness with the launch of the K2 Thermal Imaging Camera. Terberg Fire & Rescue are proud to supply the K2, along with other thermal imaging solutions from FLIR’s highly-successful and -influential K-series. The FLIR K2 Thermal Imaging Camera brings an array of features and benefits to the operator.

A compact, lightweight design intended for ease-of-use. The camera can be quickly and easily attached to SCBA gear as required and features an intuitive, smooth and accurate interface to help the operator focus on the essentials. A large on/off button can be activated even when wearing heavy protective gloves.

The K2 has been engineered to easily withstand extreme operating conditions. It can survive a 2-metre drop onto solid concrete, is resistant to water (IP67) and will operate optimally at up to 260°C. A comprehensive selection of five imaging modes to perfectly match the unit’s unique firefighting scenario. Switch quickly and seamlessly between modes using the patented FLIR Tools computer program, which you can download for free from

MSX (multi-spectral dynamic imaging) technology, designed, developed and patented by FLIR, etches vital details from the integral visible-light camera onto a thermal image, resulting in an exceptionally-clear and -informative picture. This helps firefighters to quickly and accurately locate and identify both surroundings and structure, without altering temperature data.

Complete versatility; Suited to a wide array of firefighting applications, the K2 is hard to beat in terms of versatility. Guide teams, prioritise attack strategies, locate trapped victims, scan for hotspots while overhauling and use as a reliable search-and-rescue tool.

Full technical specifications of the FLIR K2 Thermal Imaging Camera can be found on the product page, where you can also make an enquiry using our dedicated function. Choose the best, choose FLIR, available now from Terberg DTS.