Vallfirest Wildfire Equipment

Vallfirest Wildfire Equipment

IN | 8th January 2019

Terberg are pleased to announce that we are the sole distributor for the Vallfirest range of wildfire equipment within the UK.

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Vallfirest offers its customers a wide range of products which offer maximum safety to those who dedicate their lives to extinction and prevention of forest fires. They work independently and make a major contribution to I+D in order to improve the tools fighting against forest fires, as well as to develop a better and more efficient technology. Today the Vallfirest equipment is being used in over 30 countries all over the world.

Being a pioneer in developing one of the flagship products which would change forever the way of fighting against forest fires, i.e. the multifunctional tool Gorgui, the company Vallfirest continues working in the same direction developing new products and improving the ergonomics and safety of the existing tools, as the firefighter’s helmet VF1. They work in the field of constant evolution where safety is the most important constituent. Vallfirests main aim is to offer the latest technologies, always remembering about the importance of high-quality products and materials which provide the highest safety level.

Vallfirest knows the real meaning of work dedicated to forest fires extinction. That is why their mission is very clear and consists in offering the highest technology, quality and safety to all those people who dedicate their lives to fighting against forest fires which affect us every year.

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