Terberg and Oshkosh Strike Again!

Terberg and Oshkosh Strike Again!

IN | 25th July 2016

Airports are one of the prime purchasers of the latest in fire and rescue technology, meaning that Terberg DTS frequently work with such facilities and provide them with the vehicles and accessories they need. Cardiff Airport are the latest to benefit from our bespoke, highly-professional fire fighting services following a detailed procurement project, which ended successfully with the supply of three brand new vehicles to the busy international hub.

Working in close harmony with the highly-renowned Oshkosh Corporation, one of the most highly-skilled designers and manufacturers of fire safety vehicles in the world, Terberg supplied the trio of Oshkosh 6×6 Striker fire vehicles, which are now providing a full service at the busy airport. The vehicles represent a complete step change in the technology previously used by the dedicated team and, to fully prepare them, have undergone 3 months of intensive training with the Striker vehicles.

The Oshkosh Striker is an authoritative, imposing vehicle which is loaded with high-tech features, including:

  • A massive firefighting foam capacity of 1,600 litres backed up with an equally-impressive 12,000 litres of onboard water – in combination, this adds up to in excess of 60,000 litres of foam delivery every 60 seconds

  • The foam, fired powerfully from a forward-facing bumper, has a het throw which can reach more than 90 metres

  • Each vehicle has a high-reach turret mounted on its roof – the fabled SNOZZLE. This industry-leading product allows for multiple functions and the fastest of attack times, redefining what firefighting performance means with its aggressive extinguishing capabilities

  • Piercing nozzles are designed to enter into an aircraft cabin strategically, applying the firefighting agents directly to the source and minimising risk to passengers, crew and other fire and rescue operatives

  • Each of the three vehicles was named – Merlin, Y Ddraig and FireFly were chosen by pupils at a nearby school

All of these features and many more were demonstrated to an appreciative audience of professionals from the emergency services at a launch event to celebrate Cardiff Airport’s acquisition of the new Oshkosh firefighting vehicles. As the official UK and Ireland supplier for Oshkosh, Terberg were extremely proud to be involved and will remain in contact with the airport for many years to come, having also been contracted to carry out routine servicing, maintenance and repair work on site as necessary.

Officials from various bodies queued up to comment:

Managing Director and Chief Operating Officer at Cardiff Airport, Debra Barber – “The fire and rescue service is a critical part of our operation, and so we wanted to ensure that the new appliances would be completely future proofed and a solid investment for the Airport. The safety and security of our staff and passengers remains our number one priority – and we’re proud to also be able to help protect the local community too.”

Cardiff Airport Fire Service Manager, Ray Imperato –  “When dealing with any emergency at an airport you need the best equipment available and this is exactly what we have been able to acquire here at Cardiff. We have also been able to make improvements in equipment storage design, vehicle cab design along with a much improved thermal imaging system.”

Oshkosh Corporation Executive Vice President and President, Fire and Emergency Segment, Jim Johnson –  “We are honoured to have been selected by Cardiff Airport for the renewal of their Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting fleet. This is a great testament to Oshkosh’s experience, our industry leading technology, and to our dealer Terberg DTS (UK) which will help us support these vehicles for many years to come. We would like to thank Cardiff Airport for their trust in Oshkosh, our dealer Terberg DTS and our vehicles.”

To view a video of all the highlights from the event you can visit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FnNuyqsqQd4