Telstar on TV — Your Questions Answered

Telstar on TV — Your Questions Answered

IN | 9th March 2016

The Telstar is now officially famous – did YOU catch the TV news report? If not then never fear because here it is for your viewing convenience! Our brand new fire and rescue vehicle with paramedic capability is set to revolutionise the way firefighters work and models are already on the road as organisations test-drive, sampling the many benefits Telstar offers in trial periods that are already showing signs of success. Lots of people got in touch with us afterwards so we have put together a list of their FAQs… read on for all the vital info.

What does the name ‘Telstar’ mean?

Terberg Emergency Lifesaving Support Tactical Ancillary Rescue, something of a mouthful, translates handily and pleasingly into the acronym ‘Telstar’.

Can you describe the vehicle in a single sentence?

The innovative vehicle combines the most up-to-date firefighting technology with similarly modern ambulance equipment, creating a multifunction unit that allows for first-response aid to be delivered more quickly and reliably.

Is Telstar government-supported?

No – Telstar has been designed and made available by Terberg DTS with no funding or support from either local or national government.

Is Telstar intended to replace the current assets of the Fire and Ambulance Services?

No – this was never a consideration during the design and manufacturing process of our new vehicle. Telstar is designed to complement and augment existing services, offering solutions to the ever-growing challenges faced by both Fire and Ambulance Services in responding to emergency calls.  Telstar will be of particular benefit in rural locations, bringing new capability to these areas.

Will using a Telstar vehicle demand that firefighters become paramedics and vice versa?

No – Telstar has been designed as a safe haven for paramedics to work in, negating the need to carry out delicate treatment in dangerous and inappropriate locations such as at the side of the road after a traffic accident. The vehicle can carry numerous crew – paramedics AND firefighters. Even when multi-capable crews are not possible, it is still often much easier to get a paramedic to an emergency in the targeted response time in a car (as opposed to a road ambulance) where they can then utilise the medical capabilities of Telstar.

What are the technical features and specifications of Telstar?

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