Strike While the Iron’s Hot!

Strike While the Iron’s Hot!

IN | 24th January 2017

The Terberg DTS fleet of fire engines for sale and hire includes a range of ARFF vehicles which, tough, robust and built-to last, will deliver superior and ongoing protection in a range of locations, from airports and airbases to government facilities and fire training applications. Among this collection of fire and rescue solutions is the Oshkosh Striker, which is a game-changer in the field of ARFF vehicles and is available from Terberg DTS now.

Combining the most innovative fire suppression technology with unrivalled chassis performance and unmatched reliability, the Oshkosh is strongly supported by a global network and was recently displayed and much-admired at Intersec 2015, a hugely-attended fire and rescue exhibition located in sunny Dubai.

  • Three available axle configurations – choose from 4×4, 6×6 or 8×8 to suit your chosen application.
  • Totally independent suspension to all wheels, creating an eerily-efficient combination of exceptional off-road capabilities and the smoothest, most comfortable of rides.
  • Huge viewing angle of an unprecedented 238 degrees is provided by 25 cubic metres of vehicle glazing.
  • Generous seating and movement space for firefighters.
  • The perfect ergonomic balance is delivered via purpose-built seating, instrumentation and control.
  • Quick and unrestricted access to power-pack components and engine compartment utilising walk-in doors.
  • Water tank of 3,000-gallon capacity – Foam cell of 420-gallon capacity – Dry chemical system of 550lb capacity.
  • HRET (High Reach Extendable Turret) option available, extending possible discharge height to nearly 20m and below-grade capability to over 6m.

Terberg DTS also supply other Oshkosh ARFF Vehicles as part of our fire engine hire and sales service – these include the Stinger, Storm and Snozzle. Investing in one of these quality vehicles is an important decision that should not be taken lightly and our talented team are here to expertly guide you to the most suitable vehicle for your unique requirements. Call us now to find out more details of the Oshkosh Stinger and our other quality ARFF vehicles.