Specialist Support Solutions

Specialist Support Solutions

IN | 31st May 2013

One of the key strengths of the Terberg business has been its success at building on its product portfolio with complimentary products and services that fit strategically together. This was the rationale behind the Company’s most recent development, the Terberg DTS Fire and Rescue Division, where Terberg has brought its proven expertise to the global fire industry.

This division has quickly become a key provider of fire vehicles and product support to the military and civilian airport sectors with the capability to supply and support new and used vehicles.  These include 6 x 6 airport rescue and fire-fighting (ARFF) vehicles, specialist industrial fire vehicles with high-capacity and functionality, as well as smaller rapid response vehicles based on commercial pickup chassis.

According to Terberg DTS managing director, Alisdair Couper, “It is our policy to partner with the best manufacturers in every market sector in which we compete. In terms of the equipment supplied to the fire sector, we believe that the products we supply are market leaders from world-class manufacturers. This ensures that our products have great reliability built in as standard, as well as proven performance in fire applications over a long time period.”

With two fully equipped workshops and fully skilled and experienced technical staff, the Fire and Rescue Division provides 24/7 support to both Airport Rescue and Fire-Fighting (ARFF) vehicles and domestic appliances.  The Division undertakes routine vehicle maintenance, minor repairs and equipment inspection and testing, alongside major refurbishment and accident damage or bodywork repairs. Long-term repair and maintenance contracts are a core business for Terberg DTS and are proven to help identify and manage whole life costs both accurately and effectively for the customer.

For any operator of airport equipment, there can never be enough emphasis placed on the importance of reducing equipment downtime to an absolute minimum. Keeping vehicles operational 24/7 is as important now as it has ever been and that philosophy has always been the cornerstone of the Terberg operation.

Without doubt, Terberg DTS has developed an unrivalled reputation for providing excellent private sector support solutions for customer’s requirements. As Alisdair says, “Our customers within the fire sector demand and expect a high level of reliability and support.  We believe that, at Terberg DTS, we go the extra mile to ensure that we minimise vehicle downtime so that the vehicle fleet utilisation is at its highest level possible.”

“Terberg has a long-standing reputation for supplying major equipment platforms that provide the best solution for a customer’s requirements. Whatever product we supply, we can and do support it, successfully!” concluded Alisdair Couper.

Full details about the comprehensive range of Terberg fire and rescue solutions can be obtained by calling Terberg DTS (UK) Ltd on 01422 257100