Repair and Maintain with Terberg

Repair and Maintain with Terberg

IN | 27th February 2017

Terberg Fire & Rescue, as well as offering a wide range of firefighting equipment and fire vehicles for sale and hire, also provide a full complement of support options which cover routine repair and maintenance of vehicles. We employ a cherry-picked team of experienced technicians to ensure your vehicle is quickly and professionally repaired, reducing downtime and allowing you to resume normal service as fast as possible.

Our range of repair and maintenance services includes:

Routine Checks and Maintenance

From major servicing to the simple application of lubrication, all routine maintenance can be carried out by our technical team at one of our fully-equipped, purpose-built workshops or on your own premises. The team are experienced in working with all fire and rescue vehicles, regardless of which company those vehicles were manufactured by.

Top Hamper and Chassis Repairs

Neither the complexity nor size of the repair alters the Terberg ability to complete it. Chassis and top hamper problems can be quickly solved and we offer extremely competitive man-hour and mileage rates to make sure these essential repairs are cost-effective as well as quickly-completed.

Engine/Transmission Overhauls

Terberg technicians have been factory-trained on both Detroit Diesel and Caterpillar engines as well as the renowned Allison gearbox. This means they can confidently and successfully undertake almost any repair and full rebuilds can usually be done in place.

Vehicle Modifications

We can improve and enhance fire vehicles in a number of ways, increasing their capabilities. Accommodating new equipment, improving stowage and raising levels of operator safety and comfort rank high on the list of options and we are able to identify issues and propose accurate, successful solutions.

Paintwork and Body Repairs

Terberg DTS own and operate a modern paintshop which, located in Halifax, is large enough to accommodate any fire and rescue vehicle. We use our in-house paint-mixing facility and precise colour matching techniques to undertake all repairs from minor scratches to full repaint projects.

These are just some of the maintenance and repair services available from Terberg DTS. To find out more about how we can keep your fleet in tip-top condition for the best possible price, simply give our dedicated customer service team a call today.