Vallfirest Pumps

VFT Black Panther 4 BP4 Pump

Robust and powerful portable fire pump Black Panther 4, equipped with a 4-stage centrifugal pump and a 2-stroke 125 cc motor. This combination provides immense flow and pressure at great distances and elevations.

VFT Black Hawk 4 BH4 Pump

High performance and power. The BH4 motor pump is equipped with a 4-stage centrifugal pump that can be combined with 3 different 4-stroke gasoline motors for up to 28.8 bar of maximum pressure and 397 L/min of maximum flow.

The BH4 model in 3 options:

– 13HP
– 18HP
– 23HP

VFT Black Hawk 1 BH1 Pump

New portable wildland fire pump vft Black Hawk 1, equipped with a 1-stage centrifugal pump and a 4-stroke Honda engine. Offering a performance of up to 6,9 bar and a maximum flow of up to 260 l/min. A powerful and balanced combination, perfect for direct attack with hose laying, self-protection maneuvers with sprinklers, and tandem pumping of motor pumps over long distances.