FLIR Thermal Imaging Cameras

FLIR K1 Camera

The FLIR K1 is a rugged, compact thermal camera that serves as an extra set of eyes on the fire scene, allowing commanders, officers, and inspectors to quickly complete a thorough 360° assessment in total darkness and through smoke. With a bright, integrated flashlight, the FLIR K1 illuminates the scene to help the user steer and manage the crew more effectively. It also displays 160 × 120 pixel thermal images that help users gain additional situation awareness that is not possible with the naked eye.

FLIR K2 Camera

Extremely affordable thermal imaging for firefighters
The FLIR K2 is a rugged, reliable, and exceptionally economical thermal imaging camera specially designed for firefighting applications and severe conditions. Producing thermal images at 160 x 120 pix

FLIR K33 & K53

FLIR’s new K33 and K53 provide you with two new lower-cost, easier-to use options without sacrificing the reliable clarity and performance that FLIR K-Series TICs are well-known for. Both feature FLIR’s FSX™ Flexible Scene Enhancement that intensifies structural and textural details in thermal images for better perspective and orientation.

FLIR K45, K55 and K65 – K Series

FLIR K-Series Featuring the NFPA-Compliant K65
Thermal imaging cameras for fire fighting applications
In the heat of the battle, a thermal imaging camera is indispensable – a vital tool that helps you quickly visualize your plan of attack and locate hotspots.

FLIR Thermal Imaging Cameras

Terberg DTS are proud to announce that we are the sole representatives of Flir to the Fire Services within the UK, and offer a full range of the K-XX series of Thermal Image Cameras to market.

· Thermal cameras are a vital tool offering crisp, clear images in the most challenging environments

· Fitted with Flirs FSX (Flexible Screen Enhancement) the K33, K45, K53, K55 and K65 cameras offer a picture which provides intensified structural and textural details for improved situation awareness

· The 4” viewing screen is the largest in the market place

· The K53,K55 and K65 are fully recording cameras

· Reliable and rugged the cameras come with a 5 year warranty, 3 warranty on the battery and 10 year warranty on the detector, combined with exceptional customer care from Terberg DTS we offer one of the best cameras on the market.