Oshkosh Snozzle

Oshkosh Snozzle


The Oshkosh® exclusive Snozzle® arms you against the greatest, most extreme ARFF threats. Choose from a 50 ft. or 65 ft. extendable boom. Unleash your attack from every angle – in the air, on the ground, far below grade.


Snozzle Patented Fire Suppression Technology

The SNOZZLE apparatus features a piercing nozzle that can strategically enter an aircraft’s passenger cabin, cargo compartment or other structure for direct application of firefighting agents. The lightweight, highly flexible extendable turret can operate as an elevated water tower through a doorway or over a wing exit without endangering firefighters. The product’s patented ability to shoot a full master stream at ground level allows for quick and effective cooling of burning aircraft tires and hot brakes. In addition, the SNOZZLE can reach down at or below grade where it can successfully employ the “seat of the fire” method of attacking a fuel spill fire.

Maximum Piercing Power

  • Nozzle manoeuvres in tight, confined spaces.
  • Delivers precise, controlled piercing over the wing, under cargo areas and from high angles.
  • Over 36 in. (914 mm) of penetrating depth with 12 in. (305 mm) extenders available
  • Applies a powerful 40 ft. (12 m) cold shower pattern of 947 Litres per minute water or foam.

Epic Knockdown

  • Applies agent at the precise location of the fire.
  • Proven by military and FAA testing to employ “seat of fire” method to fuel spills.
  • The Oshkosh® Snozzle® arms you against the greatest, most extreme ARFF threats.
  • Choose from a 50 ft. or 65 ft. extendable boom. Unleash your attack from every angle – in the air, on the ground, far below grade. Penetrate fire on both sides of the aircraft with intense precision. Cool tight spaces through door ways and over wing exits without ever stepping foot inside the plane.

Optimized Vehicle Positioning

  • Provides effective extinguishing from recommended distances.
  • Allows for positioning of the vehicle away from escape slides and triage efforts.
  • Permits Theoretical Critical Area (TCA) of fire on both sides of the aircraft.
  • Standard LEDs with optional HID lighting for night scenes.

Low Ground Attacks

  • Patented design shoots a full master stream at ground level.
  • Easily and quickly cools burning tires and hot brakes.
  • Wider spray pattern reaches under the plane, cooling fuel tanks and cargo areas.
  • Unparalleled below grade reach.

Leading technology for leading manufacturing.

The SNOZZLE® is the recognized industry leading product in the high reach extendable turret category of products and has become one of the most innovative products for fire suppression agent delivery in emergency situations. It is a multi-function, quick attack tool that redefines fire fighting performance by aggressively extinguishing fires without delay and gives the operator instantaneous capability to place suppression agents at the fire source. The SNOZZLE® comes in multiple models, 50 and 65 foot lengths with single and dual nozzle configurations.


  • Compact boom.
  • Streamlined bedded position.
  • Balanced weight.
  • Maximizes manoeuvrability and response.
  • Able to deploy while still approaching the scene.


  • Compact nozzle places full master stream through doors or over wing exits without the need for firefighter entry.
  • Tip-mounted FLIR camera locates the heat source/applies targeted agent.
  • Reaches over obstacles for rapid knockdown.


  • Dual joysticks increase ease of use.
  • Multifunction nozzle joystick – positions all fire fighting controls on large fingertip buttons.
  • Palm-grip boom joystick – “dead man” switches prevent accidental boom movement;
  • also includes “auto-bed” and pre-set boom deployment positions.
  • Boom accepts multiple agent types.
  • Narrow head design easily clears aircraft passenger doorways.
  • Innovative hydraulic controls provide precise boom positioning with vehicle clash protection and simultaneous multiple boom movements.
  • NFPA 414 compliant.


  • Master stream adjusts to deliver a quick mass decontamination shower without ever leaving the runway.
  • Lifts up to 500 lbs. (227 kg) from any boom position.
  • Heavy loads can be raised six floors or lowered far below ground level.
  • Can be used as a rapid deploy stand pipe for areas lacking accessible hose connections.
  • Optional dry chemical system utilizes patented Hydro-Chem technology.
  • Optional Halotron system pierces aircraft cockpits and engine nacelles.