Power at your Fingertips

Power at your Fingertips

IN | 4th September 2017

The Hurricane RC Atex Monitor features a waterway discharge with a low profile and has the low friction loss and high flow characteristics necessary for modern fire fighting techniques. With a flowrate capability of a massive 4,500 litres per minute, the unit can simultaneously deliver rotational travel of a wide-reaching 450°, comprising 225° of movement to either left or right.

Horizontal rotation stops at a convenient 45, 90 or 135° on either side of the centre position and the elevation range is capable of achieving coverage 90° above and 45° below the horizontal. The unit operates at a maximum pressure of 14 bar/200 psi and automatically selects 12 or 24 volt operation as necessary.

An integral control panel facilitates quick and simple access to such factors as rotation, nozzle pattern, elevation and oscillation. Factory-installed, the powerful motor control circuits of the monitor utilise intelligent current limiting and position encoders to strongly protect the drivetrain in operation.

30ft of robotics power cable is tightly enclosed in an expertly-engineered cable guide that negates the need for less reliable coil cords and slip rings. Manual override controls are provided and an integral drain automatically protects the monitor from stalling or freezing. An optional pressure gauge can be attached via a threaded port and the entire unit is fabricated from hard coat anodised aluminium with a silver powder finish outside and in.

This quality piece of fire fighting equipment is available to purchase now and is guaranteed to change the way your team think about attacking a wide range of fires. As with all of our products, we also offer comprehensive and professional fire training to ensure that you always operate in the safest and most efficient manner, whichever type of fire and rescue mission you confidently take on.

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