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Oshkosh: Technology against Fire

Continually optimised and improved, the robust Oshkosh Striker ARFF vehicles are used at thousands of airports, government facilities, Air Force bases and more to provide consistent, reliable protection in the event of aviation accidents. Terberg are extremely proud to work with Oshkosh in supplying the peerless firefighting technology and improving fire safety for everyone.


The Oshkosh Striker ARFF is available in three axle configurations (4x4, 6x6 and 8x8) and it was the popular, extremely versatile 6x6 model that was chosen to be displayed at its launch at  Intersec 2015. Jeff Resch, the Vice-President and General Manager of Oshkosh Airport Products, said:”we’re excited and proud to showcase the Oshkosh Striker, front and center, at the world’s leading trade fair for safety and security industries. He went on to say that the ARFF delivered “innovative fire suppression technology, unmatched chassis performance (and) unsurpassed reliability” and that it is strongly backed by a global support network.

Engine doorAs a part of this exclusive network, Terberg help to facilitate the continuing spread of the Oshkosh Striker and other firefighting vehicles from the world-class company. Our staff are kept fully in the loop with all developments and are thus qualified to offer the most professional advice and support.

The qualities, features and abilities of Oshkosh Striker ARFFs are too numerous to list exhaustively but include:

  • Proprietary TAK-4 all-wheel, fully-independent suspension to combine the smoothest ride with the most exceptional capabilities off-road
  • An extremely roomy cab featuring over 25 cubic metres of glazing to provide a generous horizontal viewing angle of a massive 238 degrees, an outward visibility that is unmatched
  • Doors open yellowPurpose-designed and -built control and instrumentation for perfect ergonomics
  • Walk-in doors allow instant, easy access to the engine compartment and power-pack components to facilitate servicing
  • Multiple agent suppression capability is provided by huge, 3,000-gallon water tank, 420-gallon foam cell and 550lb dry-chemical system
  • Optional high-reach extendable turret (HRET) to allow discharge from heights of up to almost 20m and from below-grades of more than 6m

To find out more about the Oshkosh range of ARFFs and fire vehicles for sale and hire from Terberg, please contact our skilled technical team for clear, competent support and information.

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