Oshkosh Striker Sets the Standard

Oshkosh Striker Sets the Standard

IN | 18th October 2016

As the exclusive supplier of the groundbreaking Striker ARFF by Oshkosh, one of the most recognised and respected names in the field of fire fighting technology, it is part of the very nature of our business that we know our stuff. Our working knowledge of the unique ARFF is absolutely complete and would fill reams, particularly as there are so many game-changing systems, features and components to the vehicle.

For your convenience, and to encourage you to elevate your firefighting abilities and skills to a brand new level in a safe, reliable and affordable way, here we list some of the most important and impressive features of the Oshkosh Striker ARFF.

  • Size IS important, and considering the axle configuration which will ultimately affect the vehicle’s overall footprint is essential. Our experts can help you to select the most suitable configuration for your likely fire and rescue needs.
  • Every wheel has its own, dedicated and fully-independent suspension system. At the high speeds often required in order to quickly arrive in an emergency, the driver and crew often have to sacrifice their personal comfort but the suspension makes for a seriously smooth ride, even when you head off-road.
  • Highly-responsive control system that, designed and developed inhouse by Oshkosh, changes the way that fire fighters think about control, pushing up the standards with several enhancements.
  • Lights, cameras and much more are all available. Once again, these are selected and then configured to perfectly suit your application and budget
  • The amazing Oshkosh Snozzle really deserves an article all of its own, packed as it is with its own numerous high-tech features. Pierce with complete accuracy even without the articulated boom being perpendicular to the Striker’s fuselage and reset the piercer remotely, without ever needing to leave the cab. Good job it is so comfortable and roomy in there then!

We are extremely proud to be exclusively responsible of the supply of Oshkosh Striker ARFFs to the UK, where they are used in many diverse sectors from commercial to industrial. To hear more about the many features of the Striker and Snozzle by Oshkosh? Why not give us a call today? Our skilled and dedicated staff will guide you expertly through all of the options.