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Is This the Most Versatile Fire Fighting Tool EVER?

With a lightweight, exceptionally-flexible extendable turret (up to 19.8m), the Oshkosh Snozzle can efficiently and effectively operate as a water tower which, securely elevated, can deliver fire fighting agents through doorways and over wing exits, without endangering the safety of surrounding firefighters. The ability to direct full master streams at floor level - technology which is patented by Oshkosh - ensures that rapid cooling of overheated brakes and burned aircraft tyres can be achieved. Snozzle can also easily reach down to below-grade to employ ‘seat of the fire’ methodology to attack spilled fuel fires.

Other features and benefits of the Oshkosh Snozzle include:

The ability to effectively maneuver in confined areas and be positioned safely away from such hazards as triage efforts and aircraft escape chutes

The capability to deliver almost 950 lpm of fire fighting foam or water in a powerful, wide-reaching shower pattern with a 12m range

High level of efficiency tested and proved by the FAA and military organisations

Powerful LEDs for night fire and rescue missions with optional HID lighting available

Multiple fire engines available with a choice of single or dual nozzle configuration

Terberg Fire & Rescue division are extremely proud to number among the carefully-chosen suppliers of the Oshkosh Snozzle and, due to our superior purchasing power, we are always able to deliver an extremely competitive price to our customers. For more information on the technical specifications of these superior ARFF vehicles, along with details of our essential fire training that will help you to use the vehicle safely and to its optimal level, call Terberg DTS today.
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