Happy New Year from Terberg: 2016 Bestsellers

Happy New Year from Terberg: 2016 Bestsellers

IN | 3rd January 2017

Happy New Year! We would like to say a big thank you to all of our loyal staff and customers for making it another great year here at Terberg and we look forward to 2017 with excitement. Our product range, which is always growing, will continue to serve the fire and rescue services, saving lives and property with the very best technology available.

Two of our bestselling products from 2016 are:

Fire Fighting Branches

Task Force Tips (TFT), established for more than forty years and continually evolving, is the best known manufacturer of fire fighting branches in the sector and Terberg DTS are the exclusive UK distributor of the company’s quality products. We import TFT’s high-quality branches, including the powerful and innovative G-Force, directly from the US and they are consistently popular thanks to their unmatched combination of safety, simplicity and expertly-engineered performance.

One of the many benefits of choosing a TFT fire fighting branch is the ability to customise many of its features, including spray pattern, valve type, flow rate and variable TAC indicators, at no added cost, enhancing the already-competitive price. 24-hour service and support, such as spares, repairs and replacements, is offered as standard and we also provide courtesy units to cover equipment downtime, meaning your firefighting branch needs are consistently met.

The G-Force Series of branches from TFT has revolutionised the sector. Infinitely customisable, the branch offers a massive flow range of between 30 and 150gpm at operating pressures of 75 or 100psi and can be supplied with fixed/selectable gallonage or automatic pressure control and flow rate. The single-piece branches feature integral slide valve, inlet debris screen, choice of fog-tooth pattern designs and colour-coded handle covers with pistol grip, all of which enhance its rugged dependability.

Fire Fighting Monitors

Monitors allow a hose to be fixed in place, continually dousing the selected area of fire and leaving hands free to do other vital work. Terberg stock an extremely wide and diverse range of fire fighting monitors designed for use in every possible situation, providing professional protection at an extremely competitive price.

The Hemisphere fixable monitor is designed for complete versatility and can be installed to almost any type of support using the various accessories supplied (including coupling ball, dump and beam fixings) to offer the ideal combination of portable and fixed monitor. With the unique capability of being able to hit targets from directly above, the Hemisphere has a 90° swivelling inlet and the nozzle can be oriented through a full 360° to provide the ultimate firefighting capabilities.

Speed is key when fighting fires and the Hemisphere is designed for ultra-fast connection and subsequent disconnection. Safety is another key factor and a built-in stream straightener, lockable gripping handle, covered shooting zone and device to prevent disconnection or rotation when the system is pressurised ensure secure operation. Weighing in at just 10kg, this is a compact yet extremely powerful device, the durability of which is guaranteed by a solid, anodized aluminium body.

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