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Friendly Foam: Respect YOUR Environment

The environment needs looking after and everyone can help in many ways. One way is to be responsible for the chemicals we introduce to the ground and air around us; our entire collection of fire fighting foam is supplied fully certified, complying strictly with the relevant regulations and formulated using ONLY C6 chain surfactants.

Friendly Foam: Respect YOUR Environment

Impacting on the environment is something that concerns all of us and Terberg DTS take our own responsibility as a company very seriously. We are thus especially pleased to see the continuing growth in popularity of environmentally friendly firefighting foams and are proud to supply Ecopol - one of the most advanced flourine-free foams (FFFs) in the world. Created by BIOex, Ecopol FFFs are designed for minimum environmental impact and Terberg DTS can proudly claim to be the only supplier of the the company’s expertly-engineered products.

BIOex, a French company, have been designing, developing and manufacturing FFFs and other environmentally friendly fire fighting foams since the organisation was established back in 1998. Since that time, BIOex have successfully brought a number of innovative products to market, trusting only the best and most highly-specialised distributors to handle its product range - we are extremely proud to be BIOex’s official supplier in the UK.

So, how are BIOex foams more environmentally friendly than traditional types? The answer lies in the unique combination of phenolic compound-free preservatives and naturally-sourced surfactants which are mixed into a formula without the presence of heavy metals or damaging glycols. Not a single fluorinated compound is used and the resultant foam is completely biodegradable.

Safety and quality standards and specifications include ISO, EN, IMO, ICAO, LASTFIRE and VERITAS. BIOex products all come with a standard 10-year warranty and Terberg DTS can supply complete laboratory analyses for reference.

FFFs represent the way forward in firefighting technology and, as environmental awareness continues to grow, Terberg DTS will work ever-more closely with BIOex to bring our customers the latest developments in effective green fire fighting systems and solutions. Call our highly-trained and competent team now to find out more about the many features and benefits associated with using BIOex environmentally friendly fire fighting foam.

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