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Focus on ECOPOL

The selection of ‘Featured Equipment’ available from Terberg Fire and Rescue is always changing as new technologies and fire fighting methods become available. A current highlight of this section is Ecopol, a fire fighting foam that offers a host of benefits to both user and environment.

Ecopol: The Real Alternative

Billed as a ‘real alternative to traditional foam concentrates’, Ecopol new-generation fire fighting foam is free of all synthetic ingredients and offers exceptional capabilities.

Manufactured using only copra fatty acids, which are a sustainable, naturally-regrowing resource. This delivers immense environmental benefits and the expert combination of these hydrophilic natural polymers and surfactants is highly resistant to all forms of contamination.

The environmentally friendly fire fighting foam is pseudoplastic, which means that, as it is agitated, it decreases in viscosity. This allows it to be used even at low pressures and temperatures.

Exceptional foaming power facilitates high expansion. No efficiency is lost with Ecopol

Efficiently douses polar solvent and hydrocarbon fires and has been successfully tested on fires caused by methanol, acetone, toluene, isopropanol and numerous other chemicals. Approved as both 3x6 and 3x3 to ensure versatility

Holds water for extended periods of time -  thanks to its hydrophilic properties - for improved efficiency when attacking solvent fires

Wetting capability of up to 1% makes Ecopol suitable for use on all class A fires

Completely biodegradable, this fluorine free fire fighting foam (FFF) is the greenest choice you can make when selecting from the wide range of extinguishing substances

You can download all of the relevant documentation about Ecopol - including safety specifications - from the product page to ensure you are fully conversant with the many features of this revolution in fire fighting equipment. We also offer complete bespoke fire training packages so that operators can get the very most out of our fire trucks and accompanying accessories.

Don't compromise on efficiency or damage the environment - choose Ecopol to effectively combine the best of both worlds. To hear more about how Ecopol is changing the way firefighters think about fire and rescue missions, contact us today.

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