Firefighting Equipment for the Public Sector – Terberg Join YPO Framework

Firefighting Equipment for the Public Sector – Terberg Join YPO Framework

IN | 22nd September 2014

Terberg DTS are proud to announce that we are now officially part of the YPO purchasing framework in their Emergency Response Equipment sector. This means that our superlative collection of fire fighting equipment and carefully-maintained fleet of new and used fire engines will be able to reach a larger market in the public sector, meeting essential and ever-growing fire safety needs.

YPO is the biggest public sector buying organisation in the UK that has been formally constituted and is in turn a member of the Pro5 Group, which is a powerful collective comprising some of the largest professional buying organisations in the UK. YPO, a 100% not-for-profit company who invests directly back in its customers, exclusively supply products to the public sector and charitable organisations in the UK such as educational establishments, emergency services, charities, local authorities and care homes.

Organisations supplied with products by YPO benefit greatly in terms of efficiency and cost savings – with an annual turnover exceeding £400 million, YPO have immense buying power and directly pass on these savings to their customers. A formal Strategic Alliance is in place with the Government Procurement Service to ensure that efficiency is driven ever-forwards in the public sector and with local authorities by a dedication to shared work objectives.

We look forward immensely to working with YPO within their carefully-regulated purchasing framework, supplying our extensive range of lifesaving fire engines and fire fighting equipment such as environmentally friendly fire fighting foam.

To find out more about Terberg’s involvement with the YPO scheme, please call our team on 01422 257 100