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Fire Fighting Foam: The Story so Far

The world of foam can at times be confusing for the customer, that is why Terberg DTS prides itself on offering the customer choices. To this end we can offer our customers a wide range of foams to cover all requirements. All the products offered by Terberg DTS carry full certification complying with all regulatory requirements and are formulated using C6 chain surfactants.

At Terberg DTS we take our impact on the environment seriously. That is why we are also proud to offer one of the world’s most advanced Fluorine Free Foams -  Ecopol from BioEx.  Fluorine-Free Foam (FFF) continues to increase in popularity as awareness of environmental damage grows. These environmentally friendly fire fighting foams are designed to have minimal impact and Terberg DTS are the proud and only supplier of products engineered and manufactured by BIOex, the market leading developers and promoters of FFFs.

Fire fighting foam was first created by Aleksandr Loran, a teacher, chemist and engineer from Russia. Loran lived in an area which was a hub of the Russian oil industry and had witnessed a number of serious fires that were all but impossible to extinguish, inspiring him to experiment in hope of finding a solution. His experiments began in 1902 and, remarkably, Loran patented and produced the very first foam extinguisher just two years later in 1904. A series of improvements and developments took place over the following years until recent environmental concerns led to the creation of FFFs.

BIOex have been developing and producing environmentally friendly fire fighting foams since 1998 and have introduced a range of innovative products. The company is based in France and trusts a network of highly-specialised distributors with its products; Terberg are proud to be the official UK supplier.

The environmentally friendly qualities of these fire fighting foams are derived from a combination of naturally-sourced surfactants, an absence of heavy metals, preservatives without phenolic compound and an elimination of damaging glycols. No fluorinated compounds are used and the foam is 100% biodegradable. BIOex products meet and exceed all relevant quality and safety standards (including VERITAS, ISO, LASTFIRE, ICAO, EN and IMO) and are supplied with a 10-year warranty as standard. With access to full laboratory analyses of BIOex products, Terberg can offer a comprehensive, competent and accurate answer to any question about BIOex environmentally friendly fire fighting foams.

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