Facilitating Firefighters: The Terberg Collection

Facilitating Firefighters: The Terberg Collection

IN | 8th May 2017

There are lots of accessories that can facilitate the job of a firefighter and you can trust Terberg DTS to provide the very best in the business. As well as a carefully-chosen selection of quality products, we guarantee to provide a reliable, rapid and competitively-priced provider of the tools and equipment you need. Going to the limit, and then a bit beyond, Terberg are always here to augment your firefighting ability: here are two essential accessories available to the modern firefighter from Terberg…

Transformer – The Ultimate Piercing Nozzle System

Allowing firefighters to easily deliver water or fire fighting foam directly to otherwise-inaccessible areas, the Transformer Piercing Nozzle system by Task Force is an essential piece of kit. A wide-reaching pattern is achieved using a series of carefully-arranged jets with a flow rated at 150 gpm.

The system is incredibly simple to operate, with a sturdy shut-off valve (yes, just one! no additional shutoff valves are required and nozzle flow is consistently regulated) featuring an innovative twist-grip. Versatile and quickly reconfigured to a range of size and shape combinations, the Transformer is formed from tough extruded aluminum with hard coating and is supplied with a specialised canvas bag for ease and safety during storage and transportation.


For all of your firefighting needs, from engines to equipment and more, get in touch with Terberg today.