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Drager: Technology for Life

Our homes and property are of course extremely important but, when it comes right down to it, the true heart of firefighting is about saving lives. That is why the short, simple but effective mission statement of tech company Dräger “Technology for Life” is relevant in more than just its immediately-obvious meaning. The company has worked and indeed lived by this mission statement for more than a hundred years of successful trading, growing and evolving throughout to become the world-class, globally renowned developer of medical and safety equipment that it is today.

Dräger is often translated to Draeger but altering the name certainly does not alter the quality of the products. SInce its humble beginnings over a century ago, Draeger has grown to employ a massive 13,500 people in over 40 countries; telephone and internet allows the company to operate in over 190 countries around the world. Draeger chose just 8 countries in which to locate their core development and production facilities, among which the UK proudly numbers alongside the USA, Czech Republic, Brazil and others. Unbelievably for a business founded in 1889, Draeger is still family-run and is now headed by the 5th generation of that family.

We are equally proud to supply thermal imaging cameras by this renowned and reputable company. Draeger’s UCF selection of thermal imaging cameras are amazing and there is no other way to put it than that. They are revolutionising the work of fire and rescue operatives all over the world and we are among the many who are truly grateful to the company’s tireless devotion to protecting people from fire.

There is so much to discover about the range but one feature that really gets everyone talking is the broad and diverse selection of image modes available on the UCF 9000, the premium model. There are no less than eight settings available in addition to standard, which are:

Fire : designed for fire fighting operations

Persons : for searching out missing people before planning and carrying out a rescue attempt

Thermal Scan : every firefighter knows and dreads those deadly hotspots but Thermal Scan mode solves that issue

Outdoors : get the best image when searching for persons outside even in adverse conditions

Hazardous Materials : detect leaks and instantly discover level/amount of hazardous goods

Scan PLUS : search out those heat sources in real image mode

Normal Image : compare what a hi-res video camera sees with what the thermal modes see

User-Defined : if all else fails, take over the controls yourself with this manual override and set the parameters how they will best serve you

The range of UCF thermal imaging cameras from Draeger is waiting to be discovered and to change the way you look at fighting fires - literally. Discover it with Terberg today.

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