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Blitz Force : Lightweight Portable Attack Monitor

Blitz Force : Lightweight Portable Attack Monitor


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Blitz Force Lightweight Portable Attack Monitor

The Blitz Force is one of Task Force Tips’ innovative, lightweight, and highly versatile portable attack monitors. Rated up to 500gpm, BlitzForce integrates a low loss waterway with positive locking valve control, and a corrosion resistant anodized and powder coat finish.  An exclusive high strength tie-down strap and carbide tipped folding legs offer extreme stability in varying fire environments. With an integral stream shaper for superior reach and penetration performance, the BlitzForce delivers a 20 degree side to side (40 degree total) and a 20 degree to 60 degree up and down range of stream motion. A five year warranty, stainless steel apparatus mounting bracket, and your choice of combination nozzle or stacked tips are standard.

Small, Lightweight and Compact Design

Weighing just 14.5 lbs., the BlitzForce stores securely for a rapid deployment in a space of only 19” x 9” x 12”, and a ground hugging 26” wide when deployed for initial attack.


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