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Bio Pro 3 (example)

Bio Pro 3 (example)


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BIO PRO 3 is a foam concentrate based on protein, a re- growing natural resource.

The combination of protein and additive stabilizers provides an economic and efficient alternative to fluorinated foams.

Foaming power : BIO PRO 3 is designed to produce Low Expansion resistant against burnback with high insulating protection to heat radiation. It is recommended to apply the foam in a gentle manner to achieve maximum efficiency.

Fuel fires : BIO PRO 3 is efficient on all hydrocarbon fires, such as diesel, kerosene, petrol...

Environment : BIO PRO 3 is harmless for environment and totally biodegradable. BIO PRO 3 is totally fluorine-free. 



The additives in the FLUOFOAM line are specially designed to control hydrocarbon fires.

The so-called film generating property AFFF (Aqueous Film Forming Foam) gives the  FLUOFOAM fire-fighting foam concentrates an excellent fire extinguishing speed on hydrocarbon fires. The action of the film applied to a burning liquid that is water-immiscible blocks access to oxygen, like a fire blanket, to end up smothering and putting out the fire.

The foam concentrate is applied directly, i.e. directly on the surface of the burning product using a hose or a monitor in the "solid jet" position. This setting makes it possible for the fire fighting team to fight the fire from a long distance and thus avoid exposure to unbearable heat sources.


The raw materials selected by BIOex in the design and development have a minimum impact on the environment.

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