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All the Ancillaries: Part Two

Our last article detailed some of the many ancillary products available from Terberg in addition to our fleet of new and used fire fighting vehicles for sale or hire. The article had lots of readers and generated quite a buzz so here we continue with a look at some more; why change a winning formula?!

BIO-EX ECOPOL: this is an envi­ron­men­tally-friendly fire fighting foam and represents a realistic alternative to standard foam concentrates. ECOPOL has a pseudoplastic construction, meaning that agitation decreases its viscosity and makes it suitable for use even at low pressures and temperatures. The fire fighting foam is based on copra fatty acids, a naturally re-growing resource that displays high resistance to contamination and gives exceptional water-retaining properties to create a product that is particularly efficient at attacking solvent and hydrocarbon fires.

TFT Hemisphere: providing the best compromise between fixed and portable monitors, the Hemisphere can be quickly installed to any support available by utilizing a range of accessories such as coupling balls and beams. Once installed, the Hemisphere allows full 360° orientable rotation to hit targets from any angle and a valve opening / closing quarter turn system gives ultimate control. Safety is integral to the Hemisphere, which boasts a range of features such as built-in stream straightener, highly-protected shooting zone and rotation/­disconnection prevention during pressurisation. You might also want to check the video of Hemisphere in action.

TFT Transformer: an accurate, effective and reliable piercing nozzle system, Transformer delivers water or fire fighting foam to otherwise-inaccessible areas. At the point of each nozzle, a series of powerful jets apply a wide-reaching area of water or foam to quickly attack fires and nozzle flow is regulated with a rugged, robust shut-off valve controlled with a twist-grip. Many configurations are possible with the modular design of this fire fighting equipment, meaning it is quickly and easily adaptable to any specific fireground situation. Here's the video of transformer piercing nozzle system.

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