Terberg Fire and Rescue

All the Ancillaries

As well as our signature collection of new and used fire and rescue vehicles, Terberg DTS also supply a comprehensive selection of fire fighting and training equipment. Here are three of the best...

A Blanket Ban on Blazes

With a massive size of 53 m², the LEADER Stop Fire Blanket is designed to rapidly halt outbreaks of fire in vehicles, machinery and metal containers such as dustbins. Quickly and easily deployed, the blanket features a silicon glass fibre composition which strongly resists high temperatures. Once the highly-flexible blanket is in place, the fire is deprived of oxygen and extinguished.

The quick deployment of the extra-large, maintenance-free fire blanket prevents the spread of both flames and toxic fumes, limiting injury to humans and damage to surrounding areas. Firefighters will find it much easier to control a fire that has been attacked in this way, allowing them to circumscribe it with the minimum of means and in the fastest possible time. The blanket is incredibly versatile and has been placed in commercial car parks, shopping centres, hotels, scientific laboratories and garages.

A Twist in the Tale

Although widely used by fire departments around the world, Twister Lights can be used anywhere that temporary warning or guiding lights are needed. The innovative product uses 20 super-bright LEDs which, pulsing and chasing, are extremely visible even from long distances, in the dark and in smoky conditions. Four powerful NiMh cell batteries, which are automatically recharged via the convenient wireless charger, offer complete reliability and will allow the light to operate for up to 18 hours from a single charge.

Vision beyond Vision

Tracing its invention back to 1929, the Thermal Imaging Camera (TIC) has saved thousands of lives since it began to be used in firefighting. Allowing firefighters to monitor the effectiveness of their strategies, assist with direction even in smoky areas, navigate and locate ‘hotspots’ that are likely to re-combust, the cameras create clear, crisp and sharp images even in the densest smoke or darkest condition. We stock an exclusive collection of the most cutting-edge designs as standard and can offer expert advice on selecting the right model for your unique circumstances.

For more information on the Terberg DTS selection of quality fire fighting equipment, including environmentally friendly fire fighting foam, please call directly for prompt attention.

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