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A Lifesaving Twist in the Terberg Tale...

Twister LightsWhat does the word ‘twist’ mean to you? Perhaps it’s that wild ‘n’ crazy dance style that you can't help but join in with or maybe it’s the unexpected plot development in a book or film. Those with a sweet tooth might now be imagining a tall, deliciously-golden ice-cream cornet. The related word ‘twister’ generally only conjures up images of a frightening and uncontrollable storm but it takes on a whole new meaning when it comes to firefighting…

Far from damaging property and threatening lives, Twister-Lights do the complete opposite, assisting fire and rescue operatives in their work to SAVE lives and property. Our primary sensory input comes from the eyes; these complex organs are dependent on light and are pretty much useless in the dark, whether that darkness is caused by nighttime, power failure or the choking, all-obscuring smoke that accompanies fire.

Developers of firefighting technology have come up with ingenious solutions to the lack-of-light problem, which is a common issue in rescue operations. Sometimes the technology is complex (as with thermal imaging) and sometimes it is relatively simple. Twister-Lights fall into this latter category by virtue of the fact that they take a no-nonsense approach to darkness: they simply light it up.

Their simplicity is, however, somewhat deceptive and a lot of big ideas have gone into creating these devices. Even regular users of Twister-Lights are consistently amazed at their qualities, such as:

  • The 20 ultra bright LEDs that are visible from some distance with their eyecatching chase/pulse effect

  • A powerful and long-lasting AA NiMh battery that gives up to 25hrs continuous operation from one full charge (which takes about 3 hrs)

  • Simple operation: light is activated or deactivated by just inverting the entire unit which rests in a dedicated, individual wireless charger

  • A hardwearing, tough exterior design resistant to damage from water, chemicals and dust; the body is made from xenoy, a high-performance alloy of semi-crystalline polyester and polycarbonate

  • An adaptor to affix units firmly to cones, increasing visibility

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